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Strong Mindflood Booster
10 units

Product discription

This booster relaxant allows the pilot to control his ship more instinctively and expend less energy in doing so. This in turn lets the ship utilize more of its resources for mechanical functions, most notably its capacitor, rather than constantly having to compensate for the usual exaggerated motions of a stressed pilot.

Availability: In stock


Availability: In stock


Strong Mindflood Booster - 10 units

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Strong Mindflood Booster - 10 units


Volume: 1 m3
Capacitor Modifier: 20 %
Booster Slot: Slot 1
Chance of Side Effect: 40 %
Booster Duration: 1800.00 s
Shield Booster Penalty: -30 %
Armor Repair Amount Penalty: -30 %
Turret Optimal Range Penalty: -30 %
Missile Explosion Radius Penalty: 30 %