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Strong Crash Booster
10 units

Product discription

This booster quickens a pilot's reactions, pushing him into the delicate twitch territory inhabited by the best missile marksmen. Any missile he launches at his hapless victims will hit its mark with that much more precision, although the pilot may be too busy grinding his teeth to notice.

Availability: In stock


Availability: In stock


Strong Crash Booster - 10 units

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Strong Crash Booster - 10 units


Volume: 1 m3
Booster Slot: Slot 3
Chance of Side Effect: 40 %
Booster Duration: 1800.00 s
Explosion Radius Bonus: -30 %
Shield Booster Penalty: -30 %
Armor Hitpoint Penalty: -30 %
Missile Velocity Penalty: -30 %
Velocity Penalty: -30 %