EVE-Items safe, secure & on-time

Just a quick reminder 2022. The store's operating as usual.


The store's operating as usual. We open 7 days a week. Just like every other day since 2004!


For the most of orders we guarantee same day delivery. For a big and
complicated orders delivery could be prolonged, but never last more
than for 48 hours.

We transfer ISK directly to your character. Items such as implants,
ships, etc. get delivered via the contracts. Typically we list such
contracts in Jita or Perimeter. But we can accommodate you in any
system with 0.5 - 1.0 security rating, if the order amount is bigger
than $20 USD (or equivalent). Simply indicate the desired system along
with your character name inside a PayPal payment notes during the


Fly Safe!!!

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