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Proteus Offensive
Support Processor (subsystem)

Product discription

After countless failed projects over the years, the dream of linking fleets with sub-Battlecruiser hulls was eventually shelved and relegated to the realm of engineering theory. It remained this way for some time, tempting few starship manufacturers to revisit the challenge, even after the discovery of ancient Sleeper designs and the influx of fullerene-based technology. It was not until the first Strategic Cruiser hulls began appearing in small numbers across the empires that they began to truly appreciate the potential Tech III vessels had for modifications.

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Availability: In stock


Proteus Offensive - Support Processor (subsystem)

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Proteus Offensive - Support Processor (subsystem)

gallente offensive subsystem bonuses:

2% bonus to Armored Command, Information Command, and
Skirmish Command burst strength and duration 5% reduction in Remote Armor Repairer activation cost
10% bonus to the benefits of overheating Remote Armor Repairer modules

role bonus:
75% reduction in the PWG and CPU fitting costs of Medium Remote Armor Repairer modules
95% reduction in the PWG and CPU fitting costs of Command Burst modules
20% bonus to Remote Armor Repairer optimal range
1150% bonus to Remote Armor Repairer falloff
· Can use one Command Burst module
50% bonus to Command Burst area of effect range
· Additional Base Stats
· +7 High Slots, +4 Turret Hardpoints
· +100GJ Capacitor Capacity
· +50mbit Drone Bandwidth, +75m3 Drone Bay
· +1 max locked target

Volume: 40 m3
Remote Armor Repairer Falloff Bonus: 1.150 %
Remote Armor Repairer Optimal Range Bonus: 20 %
Structure Hitpoints: 40 HP
Command Burst fitting reduction: -95 %
Drone Capacity: 75 m3
Tech Level: Level 3
Turret Hardpoint Modifier: +4.0
High Slot Modifier: +7.0
Capacitor Capacity: 100 GJ
Restricted to Ship Type: Proteus
Maximum Locked Targets Bonus: +1.0
Medium Remote Armor Repairer fitting reduction: -75 %
Drone Bandwidth: 50 Mbit/sec
Meta Level: Level 1