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Proteus Defensive
Augmented Plating (subsystem)

Product discription

Although this subsystem uses the same armor nano-assemblers as standard empire technology, various optimizations have been made. Taking full advantage of recently discovered Sleeper designs, the use of fullerene-based technology has allowed for the combination of far more compact and resilient armor components.

Availability: In stock


Availability: In stock


Proteus Defensive - Augmented Plating (subsystem)

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Proteus Defensive - Augmented Plating (subsystem)

gallente defensive subsystem bonuses:

5% bonus to all armor hitpoints
5% bonus to the benefits of overheating armor hardeners

role bonus:
· Additional Base Stats
· +1 Mid Slot, +3 Low Slots
· +1000 Armor HP
· +10m Signature Radius

Capacity: 300 m3
Volume: 40 m3
Structure Hitpoints: 40 HP
Signature Radius: 10 m
Medium Slot Modifier: +1.0
Low Slot Modifier: +3.0
Restricted to Ship Type: Proteus
Meta Level: Level 1
Armor Hitpoint Bonus: 1.000 HP
Tech Level: Level 3