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Polarized Light Neutron Blaster
10 units

Product discription

Particle blasters operate on a similar principle as the railgun except they fire a magnetically contained ball of subatomic particles. No other turret class can match the sheer destructive power of particle blasters, but due to the rapid dispersion of the containment field, it also has the worst range of all turrets.

Polarized weapons offer extremely good primary stats, but come with the cost of completely negating all resistances on a ship if fitted.

Requires either regular or advanced hybrid charge types: Antimatter, Iridium, Iron, Lead, Plutonium, Thorium, Tungsten, Uranium, Null, Void.

Availability: In stock


Availability: In stock


Polarized Light Neutron Blaster - 10 units

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Polarized Light Neutron Blaster - 10 units

Capacity: 0,60 m3
Volume: 5 m3
Charge size: Small
Reload Time: 5.00 s
Activation Cost: 1.062075 GJ
Structure Hitpoints: 40 HP
Global Resistance Reduction: 100 %
Accuracy falloff : 1600 m
Turret Tracking: 436.77
Rate of fire: 2.80 s
Overload damage bonus: 15 %
Heat Damage: 0,80 HP
Required Thermodynamics Level: Level 1
Damage Modifier: 4.41 x
Optimal Range: 1440 m
Charges Per Cycle: 1
Used with (Charge Group): Small Hybrid Charge
Used with (Charge Group): Advanced Small Hybrid Charge
Tech Level: Level 2
Signature Resolution: 40,00 km
Meta Level: Level 9

CPU Usage: 18 tf
Powergrid Usage: 9 MW
Requires a high power slot.