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Polarized 200mm AutoCannon II
25 units

Product discription

The 200mm is a powerful autocannon that can smash apart most lightly armored frigates with ease.

Polarized weapons offer extremely good primary stats, but come with the cost of completely negating all resistances on a ship if fitted.

Must be loaded with any of the following regular and advanced projectile ammo types: Carbonized Lead, Depleted Uranium, EMP, Fusion, Nuclear, Phased Plasma, Proton, Titanium Sabot, Barrage, Hail.

Availability: In stock


Availability: In stock


Polarized 200mm AutoCannon II - 25 units

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Polarized 200mm AutoCannon II - 25 units

Capacity: 0,90 m3
Volume: 5 m3
Charge size: Small
Reload Time: 10.00 s
Structure Hitpoints: 40 HP
Global Resistance Reduction: 100 %
Accuracy falloff : 4128 m
Turret Tracking: 362.25
Rate of fire: 3.00 s
Optimal Range: 960 m
Overload damage bonus: 15 %
Heat Damage: 1 HP
Required Thermodynamics Level: Level 1
Damage Modifier: 3.465 x
Charges Per Cycle: 1
Used with (Charge Group): Small Projectile Ammo
Used with (Charge Group): Advanced Small Autocannon Ammo
Tech Level: Level 2
Signature Resolution: 40,00 km
Meta Level: Level 9

CPU Usage: 7 tf
Powergrid Usage: 4 MW
Requires a high power slot.