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When this terror was first seen haunting the spacelanes, rumors abounded about its design, which bore the indelible stamp of Sansha Kuvakei's unique madness. Who else, the conspiracy theorists argued, could come up with such marvelously twisted designs?

These and other theories were all but confirmed during the Sansha invasions of YC 111-112, as endless swarms of Nightmare fleets descended upon planet dweller and capsuleer alike, eager to serve their returned master Sansha Kuvakei once again.

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Availability: In stock



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Caldari Battleship bonuses (per skill level):
30% bonus to Afterburner velocity bonus

Amarr Battleship bonuses (per skill level):
7.5% bonus to Large Energy Turret tracking speed

Role Bonus:
150% bonus to Large Energy Turret damage