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Mystic M (advanced exotic plasma)
100,000 units

Product discription

An Entropic Disintegrator uses charges of exotic plasma to provide the particle feedstock for the weapon's beam, with different forms of exotic matter modulating the beam's characteristics.

An experimental exotic plasma charge developed using advanced technology in conjunction with Precursor weapons tech, the Mystic charge achieves high thermal damage potential at longer ranges than would normally be possible.

However, explosive damage remains low and there is a serious loss in the stability of the disintegrator beam. This instability reduces the tracking of weapons using Mystic Exotic Plasma charges.

Availability: In stock


Availability: In stock


Mystic M (advanced exotic plasma) - 100,000 units

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Mystic M (advanced exotic plasma) - 100,000 units

Charge size: Medium
Mass: 1 kg
Structure Hitpoints: 1 HP
Volume: 0.01 m3
Tech Level: Level 2
Tracking Speed Multiplier: 0.5 x
Range bonus: 50 %
Base Shield Damage: 200.0
Base Armor Damage: 220.0
EM damage: None
Thermal damage: 200 HP
Kinetic damage: None
Explosive damage: 100 HP
Used with (Launcher Group): Medium Precursor Weapon