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MYRMIDON (Gallente Battlecruiser)
3 units

Product discription

Worried that their hot-shot pilots would burn brightly in their eagerness to engage the enemy, the Federation Navy created a ship that encourages caution over foolhardiness. A hardier version of its counterpart, the Myrmidon is a ship designed to persist in battle. Its numerous medium and high slots allow it to slowly bulldoze its way through the opposition, while its massive drone space ensures that no enemy is left unscathed.

Availability: In stock


Availability: In stock


MYRMIDON (Gallente Battlecruiser) - 3 units

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MYRMIDON (Gallente Battlecruiser) - 3 units

Gallente Battlecruiser bonuses (per skill level):
10% bonus to Drone hitpoints and damage
7.5% bonus to Armor Repairer amount

Role Bonus:
• Can fit Warfare Link modules
12.5% bonus to Drone microwarp velocity