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Inferno Precision XL Cruise Missile
10,000 units

Product discription

XL Cruise Missiles are designed for long range bombardment of capital ships and installations. They are a specialized design usable only by capital ships.

Plasma suspended in an electromagnetic field gives this missile the ability to deliver a flaming inferno of destruction, wreaking almost unimaginable havoc.

A modified version of the Inferno cruise. Is great for taking down smaller ships, but fuel use by stabilization thrusters reduces maximum flight time.

Availability: In stock


Availability: In stock


Inferno Precision XL Cruise Missile - 10,000 units

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Inferno Precision XL Cruise Missile - 10,000 units


Volume: 0.3 m3
Mass: 1.500 kg
Structure Hitpoints: 1.920 HP
Explosion Radius: 5455 m
Used with (Launcher Group): XL Cruise Missile Launchers
Maximum Flight Time: 7.50 s
Maximum Velocity: 7.000 m/sec
Tech Level: Level 2
Inertia Modifier: 4.36346225818e-06 x
Explosion Velocity: 48 m/sec
Meta Level: Level 5
Base Shield Damage: 3.800,0
Base Armor Damage: 3.087,5
Thermal damage: 4.750 HP