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Improved 'Guise' Cloaking Device II

Product discription

An Improved Cloaking device based on the Crielere Labs prototype. It performs better and allows for faster movement while cloaked.

Note: Fitting two or more cloaking devices to a ship negates their use, as unsynchronized light deflection causes interference.

Availability: In stock


Availability: In stock


Improved 'Guise' Cloaking Device II

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Improved 'Guise' Cloaking Device II


Volume: 100 m3
Structure Hitpoints: 40 HP
Sensor Recalibration Time: 19.00 s
Maximum Velocity Modifier: -75 %
Scan Resolution Bonus: -35 %
Meta Level: Level 6
Reactivation Delay: 30.00 s
Tech Level: Level 2

CPU Usage: 51 tf
Powergrid Usage: 1 MW
Requires a high power slot.