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Guristas Nova XL Torpedo
10,000 units

Product discription

XL Torpedoes are behemoths designed for maximum firepower against capital ships and installations. They are usable only by capital ships and starbase defense batteries.

Nocxium atoms captured in morphite matrices form this missile's devastating payload. A volley of these is able to completely obliterate most everything that floats in space, be it vehicle or structure.

Availability: In stock


Availability: In stock


Guristas Nova XL Torpedo - 10,000 units

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Guristas Nova XL Torpedo - 10,000 units


Volume: 0.3 m3
Mass: 1.500 kg
Structure Hitpoints: 1.920 HP
Explosion Radius: 10,00 km
Used with (Launcher Group): XL Torpedo Launchers
Maximum Flight Time: 7.50 s
Maximum Velocity: 2.900 m/sec
Tech Level: Level 1
Inertia Modifier: 148.047198032 x
Explosion Velocity: 35 m/sec
Meta Level: Level 8
Base Shield Damage: 2.354,0
Base Armor Damage: 5.296,5
Explosive damage: 5.885 HP