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Dread Guristas Multispectrum Shield Hardener

Product discription

Boosts shield resistance against all damage types. Penalty: Using more than one type of this module, or similar modules that affect the same resistance type, will result in a penalty to the boost you get on that type of resistance.

Availability: In stock


Availability: In stock


Dread Guristas Multispectrum Shield Hardener

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Dread Guristas Multispectrum Shield Hardener

shield hardener attributes:

Volume: 5.0 m3

Mass: 10000.0 kg

Activation Cost: 40 Energy

Tech Level: 1

Overload Hardening Bonus: 20 %

Heat Damage: 4 HP

Required Thermodynamics Level: 1

Activation Time / Duration: 12.00 Sec.

EM DMG Resistance Bonus: -30 %

Explosive DMG Resistance Bonus -30 %

Kinetic DMG Resistance Bonus -30 %

Thermal DMG Resistance Bonus -30 %

Passive EM DMG Resistance Bonus: -1 %

Passive Explosive DMG Resistance Bonus -1 %

Passive Kinetic DMG Resistance Bonus -1 %

Passive Thermal DMG Resistance Bonus -1 %

Meta Level: 9


CPU Usage: 27 tf

Powergrid Usage: 1 MW

Requires a medium power slot.