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Dread Guristas Cloaking Device

Product discription

This prototype of an advanced cloaking mechanism was one of the last major technological breakthroughs to come out of Crielere Labs. Although it does work it is not really a finished product and has some serious drawbacks, most notably the fact that the module creates high sensor disruption while fitted and can not operate unless at minimum velocity.

Note: Fitting two or more cloaking devices to a ship negates their use, as unsynchronized light deflection causes interference.

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Availability: In stock


Dread Guristas Cloaking Device

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Dread Guristas Cloaking Device


Volume: 100 m3
Structure Hitpoints: 40 HP
Sensor Recalibration Time: 25.00 s
Maximum Velocity Modifier: -72.5 %
Scan Resolution Bonus: -35 %
Meta Level: Level 8
Reactivation Delay: 30.00 s
Tech Level: Level 1

CPU Usage: 60 tf
Powergrid Usage: 1 MW
Requires a high power slot.