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Draugur (Triglavian Command Destroyers)

Product discription

A modification of the Collective's Kikimora-class destroyer, the Draugur design takes the core of the Triglavian hull design and completely overhauls it to produce a potent example of the command destroyer type of vessel. The Draugur's design has taken principles and technology from the Minmatar Bifrost-class of command destroyer, while retaining the energy systems and characteristic weaponry of Triglavian ships.

As a command destroyer, the Draugur can use command bursts and micro jump field generators, while its Triglavian core systems give it advantages in the use of energy neutralizer and pulse weapons, as well as remote armor repairers.

Availability: In stock


Availability: In stock


Draugur (Triglavian Command Destroyers)

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Draugur (Triglavian Command Destroyers)

Command Destroyers bonuses (per skill level):
2% bonus to Skirmish Command and Information Command Burst effect strength and duration
5% reduction in Micro Jump Field Generator spool up time

Precursor Destroyers bonuses (per skill level):
15% bonus to Light Entropic Disintegrator optimal range
20% bonus to Light Entropic Disintegrator damage

Role bonuses (per skill level):
· Can use one Command Burst module
· Can fit Micro Jump Field Generators
50% reduction in reactivation delay for Defender Launcher
95% reduction in powergrid requirements for Command Bursts
50% reduction in Microwarpdrive signature radius penalty
100% bonus to Remote Armor Repairer range
50% reduced Remote Armor Repairer capacitor need
50% reduced Energy Neutralizer capacitor need
50% reduced Smart Bomb capacitor need