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Damavik (Triglavian Frigate)
3 units

Product discription

A light craft that is evidently the Collective's equivalent of a frigate, the Damavik has proven adaptable to capsuleer technology along with the other Triglavian ship designs recovered from Abyssal Deadspace.

The Damavik is capable of mounting Light Entropic Disintegrators and an array of support weapons such as energy neutralizers and pulse weapons. The ship also makes use of drones and has a long-range remote repair capability.

Availability: In stock


Availability: In stock


Damavik (Triglavian Frigate) - 3 units

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Damavik (Triglavian Frigate) - 3 units

Precursor Frigate bonuses (per skill level):
5% bonus to Light Entropic Disintegrator damage
4% bonus to all armor resistances

Role bonuses (per skill level):
100% bonus to Remote Armor Repairer range
50% reduced Energy Neutralizer capacitor need
50% reduced Remote Armor Repairer capacitor need
50% reduced Smart Bomb capacitor need