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Concussion Bomb
100 units

Product discription

Radiates an omnidirectional pulse upon detonation that causes kinetic damage to surrounding vessels. The bomb employs an advanced armor hardening system which makes it highly resistant to kinetic damage, thus enabling delivery of multiple bombs to a given target area.

Availability: In stock


Availability: In stock


Concussion Bomb - 100 units

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Concussion Bomb - 100 units

Volume: 75 m3
Mass: 1.000 kg
Structure Hitpoints: 20 HP
Explosion Radius: 400 m
Maximum Flight Time: 12.00 s
Armor Hitpoints: 96 HP
Maximum Velocity: 2.500 m/sec
Tech Level: Level 1
Signature Radius: 400 m
Banned in Empire Space: True
Used with (Launcher Group): Bomb Launchers
Inertia Modifier: 0.0275356911146 x
Area of effect radius: 15,00 km
Base Shield Damage: 3.840,0
Base Armor Damage: 4.800,0
Kinetic damage: 6.400 HP
Armor Kinetic Damage Resistance: 99,80%